911 Earth Project is your local commercial junk and waste removal service. We remove and recycle all sorts of rubbish that your business has accumulated, and we provide commercial junk removal services to Irvine, Anaheim, and the Orange County area here in California! We clean up and carry away all sorts of junk, including:

Old Office Furniture

Old chairs, desks, cabinets, and tables? Call on us! We can carry out and haul all of your business’ old furniture.


Businesses often accumulate old electronics. Here at 911 Earth Project, we’re pros at properly handling e-waste. Get in touch with us if you have outdated computers, TVs, monitors, keyboards, mice, or any other electronics.

Cubicle Units

Downsizing or upgrading your office’s cubicles? We can take care of your old cubicle systems, breaking down and hauling off all old wall structures and shelving.

So Much More

Here at 911 Earth Project, we like to think that if it needs hauled away, we can haul it. We tackle all sorts of junk removal projects. Moreover, we take pride in recycling every scrap that we can. If your commercial junk has metal, for instance, we’ll tear it apart and ensure that those metals are properly recycled. That’s because we love the environment, and we aim to keep reusable rubbish out of the landfill. Please note, however, we don’t haul away materials like oil, paints, or hazardous wastes. Get in touch with us today to schedule your garbage pickup! We offer free estimates on all of our waste removal projects.