Demolition means big messes. If you’re a demolition company, or simply someone who has smashed their dilapidated shed in the back yard, you can call on 911 Earth Project to have us haul off the mess. We perform waste removal and recycling for commercial and residential demolition projects. Here at 911 Earth Project, we like to think that if there’s a mess to clean, garbage to dispose, and waste to recycle, we can take care of it.

Our Commercial Demolition Cleanups

If you’re performing a demolition as part of your business, you can coordinate with us here at 911 Earth Project to clean out a space before the demolition, or clear the grounds after a demolition. 911 Earth Project is unique in that we don’t simply send all the junk we collect to the dump. We strive to recycle as much ‘would-be-waste’ as possible. We can pull metal from piping, fixtures, structures, and other building components, and we’ll recycle those valuable, reusable materials. Please, get in touch with us today if you need to partner up with our demolition cleanup crew.

Residential Demolition Cleanups

Are you performing a demolition in or around your home? We can clear away all the rubbish that comes from a demolition project. If you’re knocking out the wall between your kitchen and your living room, we can help. If you’re tearing down a tree house in the back yard, we can haul away the old lumber. If you’re tearing apart old fencing, call on us! We are your demolition cleanup experts and waste-recycling gurus.