With traditional hauling companies, you can expect to see a small truck pull up to your door. And small trucks simply can’t handle the same load as larger haulers. Here at 911 Earth Project, we bring big trucks to our jobs. With a big truck, it’s far easier to get rid of bigger items; that means faster hauls, fewer hauls, and it means savings that we share with our clientele. That’s just how we do things at 911 Earth Project.

On top of that, we charge for the amount of junk we’re removing, so you only pay for as much as we haul. Some waste removal companies charge a flat rate for each truck use. We charge per item or per section of our trucks. If you need us to haul junk that only fills a quarter of our truck, we’ll only charge you for a quarter of the truck. If you need us to haul a full load, we’ll charge you for a full load. For this reason, we’re some 20 percent cheaper than the national average hauling company.

And above all, we recycle as much as we can! In these ways, 911 Earth Project provides a superior service, with superior trucks, at a better price. We’re your earth-friendly waste haulers, and we’re here so that you can get rid of the waste and clutter that’s been giving you a headache. Call on 911 Earth Project today to schedule your next cleanup. We provide waste hauling services throughout Irvine, Anaheim, and the Orange County areas.